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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October 17th

  Last year on this day we signed the final copy of our homestudy. It was a good day; we were officially able to adopt. We sent it in and the next week we signed on with Abba Adoption. And now we're scheduled to update our homestudy; they are only valid for one year.
  Our social worker told us when we finished up last year that domestic adoptions usually take 1-2 years before bringing a baby home. She mentioned that she penciled us in for an update in 2012. I thought, okay, but we won't need it. I mean, we're pretty awesome, right... who wouldn't choose us? : )  In all seriousness though, we had a peace that gave us confidence: this is the next step the Lord would have us take. I assumed that if we were on the path He had for us, it would be a short one. We had heard the stories about the Lord quickly working out these beautiful adoptions and were encouraged by them. How can this be His will for our family if it hasn't come to pass?
  How soon I forget the examples in His word. Don't look around, look at what God says. How long did Abraham wait for his promised son's birth ? How long was Joseph tested before his dream became truth? Remember how long Moses was in the desert? Why did David have to run for his life for years after God told him he was to be king? While I certainly do not lump myself into the same category or situations of these great saints, I am a child of God. He loves and sanctifies all that belong to Him. This time has passed to test, try and refine my faith, and my patience. Just as it did for those men in the bible. As we continually seek His will and continue to have peace, I rest in that thought.
  Obviously, my thoughts here are not original. You can listen to this encouraging message by C. Leiter here.