The Hahn Family Blog

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

do differently

Lately I've had the pleasure to visit with many who have been blessed with more years than I...and that meant listening to wisdom that comes from walking this earth longer. It seemed a recurrent theme was - "If I were to do it over again,                  "   I soaked it all in, gleaning what I could through a Christ-centered world view. It was great! And my heart was moved to ponder; what can I change now so that I will regret less? What are the glaring logs in my eye that I'm seemingly blind to? What can I change by His grace now, so that I will have one less on the list when I say~  If I were to do it over again...? Because my time here is short, and sooner than later I'll be the one that's walked longer than most. I want my life to reflect His shining glory and love. Because it's all about the Lord Jesus, always has been  {even the years before I realized it}  and always will be.  
I leave you with this song, I adore it. He speaks to a younger version of himself and tells him what he would do differently. It resinates... enjoy and let us fix our eyes on Him. I'm certain as we do, that all these things will fall into place as He leads and guides.

Monday, July 6, 2015

thank you!

We wanted to extend a huge thanks to all who supported us through the tee shirt fundraiser! We sold 32 shirts {well, 35 if you count the ones bought for our family} and are excited to see them out and about around us : ) We appreciate the generosity from our family, friends and even complete strangers-