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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

sweet P's birth story

Our baby turned 6 months this past weekend- what better way to celebrate than to share her birth day story!

On that Sunday morning at 7:30, I received a text from our agency- 'her water broke call you in 10 minutes! ' Aaaahhh- the day was finally here! We had been told for the past 2 weeks that she would not make it to the due date and had packed and set everything by the door, ready to be thrown in the van. After a frantic rush to get dressed and about 10 oh goodness-es, I got the kiddos up and joined the hubs in the van. Off we went, offering thanksgiving that the call came at the most opportune time- all were at home, well rested and we were able to get on the road in a half hour.
I was also praying we would make it in time for delivery. We didn't want her to have a long labor but were sure hoping it would be just long enough for us to be there when sweet P was born. We texted back and forth with our case worker (who was the best! ) for updates and to let her know how far out we were. The kids were absolute champs during the long car ride. Everyone was excited to get there!
We made it- her birthmother was still laboring when we arrived! Such a blessing. My mom was able to meet us at the hospital and take the kids to the hotel. Then we spent the next two hours visiting with her birthmother waiting for delivery time; precious moments those were. At 11:45 pm I heard our girl's first cries and saw her adorable smushed face :) Surreal is the only word that comes close to describing it. She was perfect at 7# 8 oz and 20" long.
We stayed in a room with sweet P at the hospital, caring for her from the start. We had more time the next day to spend with her birthmother. My mom, sister, Gramma, miss M and UJ were so happy to have the chance meet her. (My sister and grandma were visiting my mom at the time- bonus! )
We spent 12 days in state until the adoption was finalized in court. We were able to spend another afternoon with her birthmother during that time and really enjoyed getting to meet her birthfather over breakfast before we left. Those two will forever be in our hearts and we are so thankful for the brief moments we had with them. We left as changed people and the parents of three.
The Lord paved this path for us in ways that we could not have imagined. It was a time of many emotions, but never once fear or anxiety. He gave us strength to believe that He indeed does work all things out for good for those who love Him. Psalm 9:1 says, I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart, I will recount all of your wonderful deeds. And that's why I share this story. Though adoption is complicated and there are many different stances, one fact remains. Jesus Christ died so that we could be adopted into God's family, born again as sons and daughters of the Most High. That adoption is all together miraculous and the best -most perfect- thing that could happen to anyone. Physical adoption of children, while a beautiful picture of spiritual adoption, is not the "best thing" that could happen to a child, but it is a large necessary part of solutions in a sin-marred world where things are far from perfect. We don't rejoice that certain events took place that caused sweet P to become our daughter- but we do rejoice that she is.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day

We love the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. In fact, I even have some pictures of "Mary" and "Pa" driving a team of stuffed horses from the table- er, wagon. Enjoy some of Laura's wisdom with us this Fourth of July-
 The Declaration and the song came together in her mind, and she thought: God is America's king. She thought: Americans won't obey any king on earth. Americans are free. That means they have to obey their own consciences...
This is what it means to be free. It means, you have to be good. "Our father's God, author of liberty—" The laws of Nature and of Nature's God endow you with a right to life and liberty. Then you have to keep the laws of God, for God's law is the only thing that gives you a right to be free. 
Laura Ingalls 
July 4th, 1881
Little Town on the Prairie