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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Give 1 Save 1

   Have you heard of this awesomeness? I hadn't either until last week.  The sweet lady that started it all is dedicated to relieving some of the financial burden for folks that are adopting. She knows a thing or two about it, right now she's in Africa for her new son.
     So each week, they feature a new family and ask viewers to give one dollar via paypal. Kind of like, hey, can I have a dollar to help get a child to his family? Umm, SURE!?!  And they feature a new family PER area of the world that has a need for adoptive parents... Africa, Europe, Asia, Carribbean, and domestic. That's a lot of lives impacted every week. Stop by and check them out. The family videos are so great.
  OHHH, before I forget. Our family will be featured on the domestic side on Monday. :)  :) :)
Our video will be posted here and there next week. Yayyy!

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