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Saturday, May 25, 2013

may He grant your petition

Last year at this time our dear friends came to visit. The two things I remember vividly from their time here- how beautiful she looked pregnant and our time of prayer before they took off for home.
We were standing in the garage saying our goodbyes. You know that bittersweet moment when you're thankful for the time you had together but sad to see it end and no one really wants to get in the car so you pause for a moment, just looking at each other? She broke the silence saying she thought God would have brought us our son or daughter by then. For the last seven months we had been waiting for a birthmother to choose our family. Can we pray for this? she asked. That time of prayer was powerful and sweet as all four of us petitioned before God. Hope filled our hearts that He had given ear to our prayer as our friends drove away.
Then day after day, it appeared that He had not answered that prayer. We waited and waited, prayed and prayed. When we were matched five months later, we rejoiced! So He made us wait for our desired answer for months- He is good and His timing is perfect- no big deal. However, judging from the due date, our baby had her beginnings right around that precious time of prayer with our friends. Our prayer had been answered in the way we had hoped months ago- when we had prayed- we just weren't aware of it.
I encourage all of you who are waiting for answered prayer, trust Him, hope in Him. Our eyes cannot always see the mountains He is moving right at the moment our lips are asking. It may take days, months or years to see the fruit of our prayer. We can rest knowing He is faithful.
“Go in peace, and the God of Israel grant your petition that you have made to Him.”

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